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Welcome to Decrypted - Decrypting the Cryptocurrency World!

This Wiki site targets to help newcomers of the Cryptoworld and Crypto-enthusiasts navigate through the new waters of digital currencies. The initial content was copied from Wikipedia in May 2018. All updates thereafter are performed by members of the Cryptoworld.

The wiki is sponsored and complemented by the Decrypted Festival

For Editors and Content Creators

Hello, and thank you for your willingness to update this Wiki. The content inside here is restricted to the one relevant to the cryptoworld. In particular the following topics are covered among others:

Please feel free to create a page for your own ICO/Company/Platform and maintain it.

For a visitor of this wiki

Hello, and thank you for visiting this wiki. Our aim is to help you understand the various concepts around cryptocurrencies. We understand that this new world may be confusing, but the goal of this site is to decrypt it. The content in this website is community-created, which means that it may not be accurate. Navigate at your own risk and never follow any advice given in this website. The website is here for information purposes only.